Bylaws of National Women's Political Caucus of Silicon Valley

(Adopted November 24, 2013)

(Adopted November 24, 2013)

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ARTICLE 1: NAME AND CHARACTER OF ORGANIZATION: This multi-partisan membership organization shall be called the National Women’s Political Caucus of Silicon Valley (NWPC SV). It shall function as a local chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus of California (NWPC CA) and the National Women’s Political Caucus, Inc. (NWPC).

Nothing in these bylaws should contradict the National and State bylaws. See Attachments A (named “State”) & B (named “National”) to this document. Where there is an ambiguity, contradiction or absence of direction in these bylaws, the National and State bylaws shall prevail.

ARTICLE II: PURPOSE AND GOALS: The National Women’s Political Caucus of Silicon Valley will work to increase women’s participation in the political process, to educate the people in the Silicon Valley/Santa Clara County region about the importance of gender parity, to increase the number of feminist women in elected and appointed positions, to win equality
for women, and to support candidates who support our goals. In pursuit of these goals, NWPC SV is dedicated to eradicating sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, ageism, violence, poverty, discrimination against the disabled and discrimination on the basis of religion, and to ensuring reproductive freedom and the freedom of sexual orientation.

ARTICLE III: GOVERNING RULES: NWPC SV shall comply with all federal and state laws governing political contributions, political activity and candidate support, and refrain from any activity that would jeopardize the legal status of NWPC CA or NWPC. NWPC SV will announce each public meeting and transmit all official communications to the state Caucus. Specifically, NWPC SV shall:
1. Maintain separate accounts with a financial institution in the name of NWPC SV
2. Complete the steps required by the State of California to register as a California non-profit corporation and apply with the State of California and the United States of America as a tax exempt organization
3. Complete the returns required of non-profit corporations by the Franchise Tax Board of the State of California, the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America and the Secretary of State of California.

ARTICLE IV: MEMBERSHIP AND DUES: Membership in NWPC SV shall include the membership in NWPC CA and NWPC and is open to any individual who supports the purposes and goals of the organization upon application and payment of dues. All
memberships are renewable on an annual basis.

ARTICLE V: BOARD OF DIRECTORS: A Board of Directors will meet regularly to discuss Caucus policy and activities. The Board will consist of the Chairs(s), Vice-Chair(s), Recorder, Treasurer, Representative to the State Board of Directors, the Affirmative Action Coordinator and the chair(s) of each committee and task force.
All elected officers shall serve a two-year term or until their successors are elected. There is no limit on the number of terms an officer may serve. For the inaugural year, local board mayvote to consolidate positions until chapter reaches sufficient membership to include more board members.

A. DUTIES OF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS (Complete descriptions within State bylaws)
a. Chair(s):
1. To be the executive officer of this organization and preside at all meetings;
2. To appoint committees to help implement the purpose of this organization;
3. To be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee; and
4. To serve as official spokesperson of this organization.
b. Vice Chair(s):
1. To perform such duties as may be assigned by the Chair
c. Recorder:
1. To record and transcribe minutes of each meeting; and
2. To handle all correspondence and records not otherwise allocated.
d. Treasurer(s):
1. To collect and disburse all monies, forwarding state and national dues and the required percentage of local fundraising efforts to the state Caucus; and
2. To keep the financial records and submit quarterly reports to the Board of Directors and General Membership
e. Representative to the State Board of Directors:
1. To attend state board meetings and reflect the majority opinion of the NWPC at such meetings; and
2. To report to the local Board of Directors within 30 days of each state board meeting.

a. Nominations will occur at a meeting 60 days prior the election of officers.
b. The nomination procedures will follow Robert’s Rules of Order.
c. The election will be held at a general membership meeting and a simple majority of members present shall elect officers. Nominations may be made from the floor.
d. Only members who have paid dues prior to the 15 days before the election meeting will have the ability to vote.

a. Officers may be removed from office for misconduct, non-compliance with stated duties, or failure to attend three Board of Director’s Meetings, without good cause as follows:
1. A motion for said removal shall be submitted in writing to the Vice Chair and sent to all current members at least 15 days in advance.2. A two-thirds vote of membership in advance is required to remove an officer.

If there is any vacancy in the office of Chair, the Vice Chair shall succeed as Chair. If a vacancy shall occur in any office other than Chair, the Chair shall appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the next general membership meeting, at which time the membership shall elect a member to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.

ARTICLE VI: COMMITTEES: There shall be eight standing committees as follows:

Education, Programs and Education, Fundraising, Legislation and Appointments, Membership, Networking and Outreach, Newsletter, Political Action, and PR/Communications

ARTICLE VII: MEETINGS: NWPC SV shall have a minimum of one (1) regular membership meeting each quarter. Said meeting shall be publicly announced and shall be an open meeting. Voting rights shall be granted to all paid members, with each member having one vote. A quorum shall consist of two-thirds of those members present and voting at a duly authorized and publicized meeting. Members can request a closed ballot for voting from the floor.

ARTICLE VIII: AMENDMENTS TO BYLAWS: These bylaws may be amended at any general meeting of this organization by a two-thirds vote, provided that a copy of the proposed amendment had been submitted in writing and sent to all current members via email or mail at least 30 days prior to such a meeting.

ARTICLE IX: PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY: Except as otherwise provided by these bylaws, Robert’s Rule of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the proceedings of all NWPC meetings.

ARTICLE X: FISCAL YEAR: The fiscal year of this organization shall commence the first day of January and end on the 31
st day of December.

ARTICLE XI: DISSOLUTION: This organization may be dissolved only by a vote if the membership of by dissolution in accordance with NWPC’s bylaws. Any funds remaining in the treasury will be donated to another Caucus chapter or organization with similar goals.